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Sadly, there are some real dicks out there in the photography community (like any creative community I suppose). I’ve been lied to when enquiring about local spots, I’ve been turned away by photographers who don’t want to share their knowledge when asking for advice, I’ve even seen photographers ruin something in nature after photographing it so no-one else could. I am fairly new to the whole photo thing so I guess I just don’t understand it. What I have recently come to understand is kindness.
While out on a little weekend photo trip with @tomhill_photography I got to see first hand what kindness there is out there. While in need of a suggestion for a location for this particular area, not only were @steveschwindt & @k.d.s.photographynice enough to meet up with us and guide us to this spot, even brought Tom a lens to use as his was giving him some condensation trouble from the beach the night before. Pretty cool boys, pretty cool. Remarkable in fact. We had never even met in person before and this is the kind of hospitality shown to us. A good reminder to everyone out there that we are all after the same thing – to take a great shot, have some fun and feel like artists once in a while.

The image… a single exposure, shot from a cool spot, surounded by cool dudes.