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Cannon Beach had way more to offer than what I thought when I first arrived. I completely underestimated how much cool stuff there was on this beach. Especially in the morning, when there are no people, no footprints (if the tide washed them away) and a glorious sunrise behind your back! The birds were so insistent that they swim and muck around in the puddle that I was shooting, and while I did my best to scare them away, I could not get close enough to intimidate them without putting footprints in my shot.. SO, I had to composite a few shots to eliminate the birds, ripples etc.

I feel like there is a lot more to shoot in this location and I am excited to get back there soon! This image is a blend of 5 shots. 1 for the sky, 1 for the rocks and 3 for a focus stack of the foreground (and bird removal).