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Another shot from my visit to Elowah Falls… Maybe a little too soon to post such a similar shot, but I really liked how they turned out and couldn’t decide if one was better than the other.
@tomhill_photography, being the leaf placing champ, placed this leaf on the rock and made for a pretty nice composition. Not the most original idea of course, but the pop you get from a big leaf in your foreground is pretty undeniable when placed right… and he does place them well (for a Ponce ;-))… Sadly, despite finding a nice leaf to form our composition, the light never really gave us anything special but I was happy enough. It was time to move on toward other locations that we wanted to hit before the long drive back to Vancouver Canada. Better luck next time.

In the end, this was a blend of 3 exposures. One for the foreground, mid ground and background. If I could do it all again I would have snapped one more frame at a faster shutter speed to freeze the blowing leaves, but I missed it for this series somehow….