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My buddy @matt_jackisch took me to a sweet little spot on the condition that I kept my lips sealed as to its location. (Hens the title). What can I say but wowzers. What a killer spot. To be honest though, my first concern wasn’t about keeping my mouth shut… it was about making sure he didn’t kick my ass too badly! If you don’t follow him already, do yourself a favour.
We got to this spot hours before sunset and pitched our tents. We shot sunset, which was pretty decent, got a couple hours of sleep and then shot some stars as well… also decent… but what was waiting for us in the morning was this unfucking believable sunrise… Makes you happy to be alive and thrilled that you made the gruesome trek to such a cool spot. It was also my first real opportunity to use my NiSi 180×180 Filter Holder and Polarizer… which is spectacular. You can find a full review on it on my website in the “about” section. My only disappointment will be when Matt posts his shot and kicks my ass.
This was shot in the landscape perspective and warped/cropped to fit the IG format – Which is unfortunate. It looks FAR better on my website… so head over there for a look! _______