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This was a struggle for me on this particular morning – It was after my 3rd or 4th night of sleeping in my car, and I was getting a little agitated about not finding a mind-blowing composition from Bow Lake like so many others have captured here. I left this site with my tail between my legs frustrated and discouraged. That was in August.

Today, Nov 11, I actually stumbled across this image while cleaning out folders that I had previously deemed as trash. It was one click away from being in the digital dumpster… I was scrolling through all the garbage I planned on deleting and then this image hit me like a hammer! Somehow I had previously overlooked the amazing fog/conditions staring me in the face and I wondered what the f&^k I was thinking? This is a magical place with wonderful conditions! Why have I not noticed this image until now?
I guess the moral of the story is to not be too rash in hitting the delete button. Hard drive space is cheap in the grand scheme of things.

This was a bit of an elaborate blend due to focus stacking, exposure blending and selecting images with different fog qualities that worked ok together. In the end, 9 images total were used. 4 for focus stacking the foreground, 2 for the fog bits, 1 for the mountain peak, 1 for the water and 1 for the sky.