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Alright, so after my last post about not being able to shoot with anything except the 11mm lens, I decided to go back to Steelhead Falls and make a point of starting my shoot with the 16-35mm on the camera. I also tried to shoot from further away… The result? Another shot using my 11-24mm LOL.
My buddy Richie Tits (@livingarichlife) and I got here pretty early, and snooped around for various compositions and I spent most of the shoot using my 16-35 lens, and had some nice compositions too… But since there was less wind,(and less spray from the falls) I figured I may be able to get my polarizer on my 11mm and felt the need to give it a go. I was blown away with how much better this scene looked with my NiSi Polarizer and the 11mm takes the cake once again. Not for a lack of trying, but perhaps for a lack of creativity haha. I guess I will just try to pass off my addiction as “style” (as if I had any ;-)).