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As I get more experience in taking photos I am becoming more and more excited about experiencing it with other people. In particular, people I admire as artists. I got to have some fun watching @steveschwindt  and do their thing and all I can say is wow. I contemplated not posting this after seeing their shots… Fuckers. Of course the light was pretty nice (apparently I am a lucky charm when it comes to light – which is probably the reason I get invited lol), and the scene was breathtaking. I’ve seen many great shots of this place but I was so surprised when I had boots on the ground because of the SIZE!. So, for scale, I’ve decided to leave a person in my shot (I would normally remove people). See him?

Anyhow, another perk of hanging with these guys is the nickname lol. As a token of their appreciation of my light bringing skills, the boys have started calling me the “Bringer Of Light”. As a Game Of Thrones fan I quite like this… First of his name, bringer of light, breaker of filters, wearer of waders… etc etc”. If only I could bring my own light… Anyhow, great dudes, great place, great light. Thanks boys.