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I had been firing off several shots to try and capture just the right wave for this shot and the tide just wasn’t cooperating for me yet. But I was going to burst. I had to pee so bad! Luckily I was shooting with my buddy @kurtbudliger … As I really had to go, so I asked Kurt to watch my camera to be sure it didn’t get swept away in case a big wave came in… and I walked a few feet away to relieve myself. I had my wireless shutter remote in my left hand, my unit in the other and Kurt was watching my camera…
Just as I was finishing up, I heard Kurt say “here comes a good wave!” I pressed the shutter button and captured this! It was a great moment that had us both laughing our asses off. Photography at its classiest moment.

OK, so maybe not a great story but there it is… I like the shot! This is a single exposure double processed (for treatment of the darker sky).