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On my trip to the Rockies, I stopped by Mistaya Canyon on my way to Sunwapta Falls, just as a pit stop… and after driving all the way to Sunwapta Falls I wasn’t really excited about that spot… I immediately turned around and drove back to Mistaya Canyon. There was something really cool about this place. And to be honest I wasn’t drawn to the slot canyon there that seems to draw the most attention, but the scene that unfolded just before the canyon.

As I was exploring the area, the weather started to get funky (in a good way) and I got pretty excited. I never got the crazy colour that I had hoped, but the character in the clouds made this shot worth hanging around for.

This was shot with my 11-24 lens with a polarizer filter on the camera. In the end it is 4 exposures blended together. One for the sky, one for the rocks, one for the majority of the water and a final shot to capture some swirling in the water in the foreground.