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My little man is 3 weeks old today so I have not been out to shoot. While I am home I figure I can dig out some old images that were never processed and see what we can do with them!
This was my first visit to Moraine Lake and I learned a couple things about this place. Firstly, no photo on earth can capture just how magnificent this place is. It was absolutely stunning to see it for myself despite all the research I did in preparation for my visit. Second, I have never wanted to murder tourists so badly in my life. Seriously. Just getting there was enough to make me lose my mind… but once I was there it was worth it. I went to Moraine Lake with an agenda… to capture it in a way that was not the typical shot that I seemed to always see of this place, yet still capturing its glory. I didn’t really want the high up shot as amazing as that view is. I wanted some strong foreground which meant I would be low and in the water. I did not want to see canoes or people in my shot either (not very Instagram of me I know ;-)). Of course I wanted glorious conditions, but it seemed the really great clouds and colours were always behind me or somewhere out of frame. I got some vibes that I am pretty happy with, including this moment after the sun had dropped mostly behind the mountains and the twilight sky started to form, with the half moon rising above the mountains.

This is a blend of 4 exposures. One for the sky, and three for the focus stack of everything else