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The original image I posted of this makes me want to cut my eyes out when I look at it. It looks so “HDR” and every time I see it I cringe (Yes, I might be a bit dramatic ;-)) I had a lot of people show me some love for it when I first released it a few months ago and got a number of features, and even won a Viewbug contest with it so I guess I can’t complain too much… but I really wanted to try another approach with this new version.
Going into this new version, I wanted to employ some new techniques I’ve learned in the last few months and see where I could take it. I am not too sure if this is more appealing to others but it is certainly more pleasing to my eye. And it doesn’t make me wanna cut my eyes out ;-). I do still really like this composition a lot because I don’t think it is the common shot that you normally see of this place. In a location as popular as Moraine Lake, it really is hard to find something unique and still pleasing. At the end of the day, this place is so epic there is no photo in existence that could do it justice anyway. It needs to be seen with your own eyes.
This is a blend of 2 exposures. One for the sky and one for everything else. Hope you like it.