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This will probably be my last post for a while as my wife and I have just had a baby boy! You’ll see more from me when we come up for air. This was shot a week or so ago.
About this shot:
I’ve been going to this spot all week trying to catch a cool sunrise, facing the city from this vantage point. I was inspired by @tvardi who nabbed an amazing sunset from this area last week, and he actually came along with me this morning!

After all of my attempts, it was nice to finally have some interesting conditions. The bridge is not very stable when cars are on it so being that it was rush hour, the long exposure shots were very challenging.
In the end this was a blend of 4 shots. One for the buildings, one for the tree line where the park meets the cityscape (a faster shutter to avoid softness from the bridge shaking), a longer exposure for the water and sky, and a final dark exposure to bring down the over exposed city lights

I think this is my first attempt at a cityscape, but it was interesting enough to try to do some more!