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This was shot last fall. It was my second time up to the Nub at Mount Assiniboine. We left camp at about 4:30am to make it up here in time for the rising sun. It’s always a little intimidating to charge through the woods in grizzly territory in the dark, but we made lots of noise and were as prepared as we could be for any wildlife encounters. The closest we came was a bear track in the mud the day before :-). It was cold and windy up here but spectacular to watch the day begin from this vantage point. Very humbling and thrilling at the same time.

The view is a no brainer – You can point your camera in any direction and see something awesome… What was extremely challenging was the foreground. Trying to find something to lead the eye, without being distracting was tough… especially when you are so overwhelmed by the beauty of this place. I think this spot was pretty cool though and decided to return to it from the previous shoot a couple nights earlier.