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Yes, a douche title but I absolutely suck at naming photos. I usually stick with the literal “Sunrise At Stave Lake” type name but I really wanted to point out the less obvious details beneath the water surface.

This is a blend of 3 exposures, with one of the images getting double processed for a total of 4 images. I snapped a darker exposure for the sky, and then a lighter exposure for the foreground. I double processed the foreground shot so I could add detail on the logs while also reducing noise in the water. The middle exposure was taken to try and make the transition from light to dark smoother and more natural. It helped me get a bit more detail in the mountains/reflections.
The sunrise was pretty spectacular and the reflections were awesome. The only regrettable issue I had was the cloudiness of the water (making it tough to see the stuff below the surface) which was from me kicking up the mud to get in to position. I love my waders ;-).