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Sifting Through The Trash

An appropriate title. I have literally had this image in my digital dumpster several times and right before I am about to commit to trashing it, a little voice goes off in my head reminding me of what I went through to take this shot. And to be clear, I love the scene, I love the composition, I just hated the miles I put on looking for just the right spot for sunset only to have sunset come up a little short (As far as colour and clouds were concerned). But the real struggle was not the light… It was the bugs…. The f*&king bugs. I have never been exposed to such belligerent little assholes in my life. But, I endured those little bug bastards and in the end, I walked away with a composition that I really am happy with (a rarity for me). What was also cool about this experience was the dudes I got to hang with while on my very first camping trip. and @jonburkholz… what an amazing way to crack my camping cherry. Thanks dudes.


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December 9, 2017