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This was shot at Bandon Beach a few weeks ago with the illustrious See You Next Tuesday @tomhill_photography. We drove a ridiculous amount of miles in a ridiculous amount of time to try and get the most of our time out. The tragedy is that both us had condensation issues with our larger lenses (my 11-24) so I ended up using my 16-35 lens for this composition. I absolutely loved the way the sky directly above was really blue, causing the reflections around the rocks to have an electric blue tinge to them, while everything else remained fairly warm. The real crime is that by the time the sun got low enough to create some real magic, the tide had buried this composition… oh well, such as life.

This is a blend of 4 exposures, one for the sky, one for the foreground, one for the main reflected sand area and lastly an exposure that was used to bring out some detail in the far sea stacks. Pretty sure I was using my polarizer as well.